Going East & West On Brady Street

Easy Tyger | Milwaukee, Brady St.

Supper Club on a Sunday night. Maybe I’m getting old, but I cringed when the restaurant picked was on Brady Street…I hate trying to find parking on Brady Street. But we had heard good things about the food at Easy Tyger so I happily got out of my jammies at 5PM Sunday evening and got ready to meet the girls out on Brady.

Easy Tyger was almost true to its word…it “blends Asian and American cuisines in a fun, casual atmosphere, with a focus on seasonal and locally inspired ingredients”. A night out with the Supper Club ladies is always fun, but our server wasn’t having it. She was a real sour-puss and really put a damper on our experience.

The menu is set up for sharing – best for two, in my opinion. Lindsay wasn’t feeling 100% so it kinda worked out that Becky & I shared three dishes (sorry, Lindsay…your veggie udon noodle soup did looked good).

After no real welcome or explanation of the menu, we started off with the Korean taco (beef bulgogi, sushi rice, kimchi aioli, napa slaw, fresh corn, cotija cheese and lime-cilantro vinaigrette). Two tacos for $9 sounds pretty steep, but I guess you can charge that at a gastropub vs. a pub. And they were pretty damn good…I’d order them again.

Next up, the beef steamed buns (brisket char siu, oi-sobagi, daikon, spicy mayo) for $10. I’ve never had steamed buns before and I’m now a fan. We decided the perfect dish would have been the Korean taco in the steamed buns.

Finally, the goat cheese gnudi (butternut squash puree, roasted brussel sprouts, beech mushrooms, roasted tomato, brown butter vinaigrette) for $14.  After perusing the menu days before, I was most excited about this dish. My three fav things…goat cheese, gnudi & mushrooms. What could go wrong? It was meh. A lot of mushy textures with no punch of flavor like the tacos and buns.

It would have enhanced the experience if our server or the guys who brought out our dishes (possibly the chefs?) talked about them as they came out. Or for our server to check back with us once in a while. True, I’ve never been a server, and I know folks can be demanding, but there weren’t too many customers…I mean, it was a Sunday night.



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