Causing a Ruckus

Opening Night at The Ruckus / Shorewood

Wednesdays are dubbed date nights in our house. Being that it’s still January & our New Year’s resolutions are not totally abandoned yet, we strapped on our Fitbits & went on a walk after work.  

This is the new concept for the Colectivo owners.  We’ve watched over the past few months as they pumped in over $500,000 of improvements into an old building on Oakland Avenue – including adding garage doors that will be awesome in summer and a massive fire pit. Opening night was packed – everyone who is anyone in Shorewood and then some were there – we took the last two seats in the restaurant, sharing a table with a young couple and their adorable baby.  The concept is simple, order at the counter, wait for your number and eat at the short tables or comfy booths in the family-friendly establishment.

They have burgers, fries, grilled cheese, ice cream & their signature churros. The churros come with an option of salted caramel, hot fudge or peanut butter dipping sauces. I only brought $20 on our walk so I had to make a game-time decision to nix the churros.

The burger was good and the fries had a tasty secret seasoning. Not the best I’ve had around town, but better than anything I can grill up.  We walked past Ruckus the following Monday and they had closed early with a note posted that they had run out of food. Then, unfortunately, after the first week of being open from 10AM-10PM, Ruckus has since been shuttering their doors as of 4PM.  I’m not sure if it’s lack of help or trying to work the kinks out of a new establishment that proved to be very popular its first week in operation, but I hope they figure it out for the dinner crowd…

Excited to see the patio in the summer…and come back for ice cream and churros…with more than my twenty dollar bill….


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